We are constantly receiving mails about failed attempts to sign up in the site. It seems like Hotmail doesn't like us and we are in some kind of blacklist. We don't know how to solve that (if it's solvable). 

If you need to contact us or sign up, you will need to use other mail providers or we will not be able to contact you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We released ciMaze, a new free casual game to hone your skills. It's a simple game, you just have to drag a dot the center of the circles and see how far you can get.

You can see more info here or get the game here:

Our latest update included the new Nature Tileset which add a big bunch of premium tiles to build, forest, rural and even a little cave for your gaming needs. This tileset joins the Ancient Greece which added more dungeon like tiles to create cool areas to battle with more than 100 tiles, or the FX Effects which added nice environmental effects like fire, rain, fog, smoke, etc.