As promised, we released SkCombat in the App Store:

Our next step is to release new tilesets and miniatures, which will happen soon. They look very promising, and we are eager to release them.

Stay tuned!


We are finishing a new update for SkCombat.

In it, we have corrected some bugs with painting tools, resizing tools, Fog of War, some UI layer problems and other small things.  

We released a new update for SkCombat for Android while waiting for apple to let us publish it on iOS. 

Along this, we have released a Browser version of SkCombat. It's still in Beta and has some minor bugs which we are fixing, but it's completely operative.

At least! We published the new SKCombat version on the android market.

New Interface, features, tilesets, cloud service ... and more! You can get on: